Chinese New Year Auspicious Bento Pack B (Vegetarian)

My Genie Gourmet


Especially Auspicious for your Chinese New Year celebration event with our signature vegetarian items! Enjoy the finest of My Genie Gourmet!

Each Bento Pack contains:

1) 2 pieces Mini Vegetarian Soon Kueh (笋粿 : 顺顺利利!)

2) 2 pieces Mini Vegetarian Rice Kueh (饭桃 : 福寿绵长)

3) 1 piece Vegetarian Popiah Spring Roll (春卷 : 吉祥如意)

4) 1 piece Vegetarian Fried Tau Sar Pau (豆沙包 : 幸福美满)

5) 1 piece Spanish Churros (Eggless) (油条 : 黄金万两)

NOTE: For PRE-ORDER of minimum 10 packs, complimentary 1 piece Mini Huat Kueh (发糕: 发财高升) will be included for each pack!

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